Issues Resolver

Your hospital's reputation is being tarnished by a competitor alleging wrongdoing.

Your drug gets pulled from the market for cardiovascular risks.

Manufacturing issues force a recall of your healthcare products.

Our Issues Resolver strengthens your reputation by activating patients, HCPs, and the broader community as advocates, so that we dramatically decrease negative exposure in this high-stakes environment, preventatively as well as in response to an adverse development.

case study.

the challenge.

When a drug is suspect of having elevated cardiovascular risks, regulatory authorities around the world, including the FDA, started looking into whether it should be removed from markets. Not only was science against the manufacturer, but so were potential law suits. Who would rise to the drug's defense other than the manufacturer and its paid KOLs?

the solution.

Individual supporters could be found in the "marketplace" of real life -- physicians who had prescribed it and patients who had take it -- both had found that the drug worked. However, these individual voices needed to be aggregated so that the FDA was aware of the impact its decision would have on patients, who would be left with no other FDA-approved option.

the result.

Patient access was maintained in selected circumstances.

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